Rice Paper Rolls

These are a great alternative to a sandwich. We often have these for lunch on the weekend if we have had sourdough with eggs/bacon for breakfast – hence don’t need or feel like more bread for lunch. They are also great for kids lunch boxes – just use some baking paper to separate them.

What you need:

Rice Paper roll wrappers – from the Asian section

Chicken or Tuna (or you could use omelette for vegetarian)

Grated Carrot, Shredded Lettuce, Cucumber Slices, Sliced Capsicum etc

Homemade Mayo or Avocado and Grated Cheese if you wish

What you do:

Under a running tap – hold the rice paper wrapper for about 1 minute – making sure its all covered in water

Shake off excess water and then place on the bench top

Layer your filling in the middle, then wrap one side in, then the corners, then roll the rest – it might take a couple of times to get the hang of it – kids love making there own !


Activated Nuts

You will need:
Nuts, Water , Salt.

Soak the nuts over night in a bowl of water with salt.
I do about 3-4 cups of nuts at time (you can do a bigger batch if you wish !)
Use about 1/2 teaspoon salt per cup of nuts

Drain them and spread them out on a baking tray , pat dry with some paper towel then and put in a VERY low oven , just the pilot light is enough , or about 50-70 degrees – then leave for 12-24 hours – until dry and crisp
Give them a shake and mix once or twice during this time.

* The only nuts that a different are cashews, you only soak them for 3-4 hours, otherwise they go slimy. You also need to dry them in a slightly warmer oven – about 70-90 d. They are my favourite to do, they come out really crunchy !

Store the nuts in an airtight container in the fridge.

Do a mix batch with walnuts, brazil, almonds !

Healthy Cookies – perfect for quick breakfast or post workout

These cookies are delicious, easy to make, and suitable for breakfast or a snack. They make a great post workout snack as they are packed with healthy carbs to restore the glycogen and some protein to repair the muscles.  They freeze well, so if you like them, make up a double batch and freeze some for next week !

2 cups of Rolled Oats ( use whole oats, not Quick Oats)

2 very ripe bananas (about 180  grams)  – mashed or puree in a blender

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

2 Tbs of Maple Syrup or Rice Malt Syrup

2 Tbs of Chia seeds

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla paste or 1 tsp of vanilla powder

1/4 cup melted butter or coconut oil.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and mix well with your hands. It might take a few minutes to get the mixture to start to bind together ( if its really wet and some more chia seeds – it depends a bit on your bananas ! )

Using the palm of your hand, form the mixture into balls, then gently flatten and place on a lined baking tray

It should make about 10 cookies.  Bake in a moderate oven for 30-35 mins. Allow to cool the enjoy !


Mango Vanilla
2 Tbs Vanilla protein powder
1/2 mango ( fresh or frozen)
1 cup milk – dairy, almond, or coconut milk
½ cup water – or to desired consistency

* you can buy frozen (Aussie) , mango cheeks up at the Green grocery at Terry Hills , on the corner of Mona Vale Rd and Forest way, or at Manly Freezers in Balgowlah

Banana Chocolate
2 Tbs Chocolate powder (or use Vanilla Pwder and add 1 teaspoon of Raw Cacao pwder)
½ ripe banana
1 cup milk –dairy or almond
½ cup water – or to desired consistency

*I freeze over ripe bananas, peel them and place in a glad bag

Banana and Cranberry
2 Tbs protein powder – this works with either choc or coconut
½ a ripe banana
Handful of frozen cranberries (or any other berries will work)
1 cup milk – dairy or almond
½ cup water – or to desired consistency

Raspberry Vanilla
2 Tbs Vanilla protein powder
½ cup frozen or fresh raspberries
1 cup milk – dairy, almond or coconut milk
½ cup water – or to desired consistency

• You can also use coconut water instead of milk in all the recipes.
• I like to add a bit of ice if not using frozen fruit
• If you would like to add some greens – throw in a small handful of steamed watercress or kale ( not raw !)
o Steam up a bunch, puree, freeze in ice cube trays, then store in glad bags in the freezer for easy use.

Chocolate Oat Cookies – Wheat and Dairy free

These are a yummy lunch box treat – they are not sugar free , but a healthier option than bought cookies, plus they are fun for the kids to make – helping them gain confidence in the kitchen, a skill they will be grateful for in later years.

2 cups of rolled oats

1 cup flaked coconut , or desiccated

3 Tbs of coconut oil  – melted ( of butter if you like)

2 Tbs of rice malt syrup or maple syrup (optional, add more coconut oil or butter if you it leave out)

1 Extra Large Egg, or 2 small ones

100g of good quality dark chocolate

Heat oven to Moderate (160 C) , Combine all ingredients in a bowl, except the chocolate. Mix well and squish it around, then let it sit for 5 mins whilst you chop up the chocolate, and get the baking trays lined and ready. Then add chocolate to the mix. Using your hands – form little balls, you need to be firm with the mixture to get it to stick together, then gently shape and flatten in your hands and place onto the baking tray. This mix will make about 12-14 , and will take around 20 mins to cook. Keep an eye on them, they change colour quickly. Allow to cool before taking off the tray.