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I’m Tamara Madden

I am a passionate and realistic Qualified Nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition. I am also an ultra trail runner, and love supporting and educating my clients about how to improve their athletic performance and general well being.

What should I expect from a private consultation with a nutritionist ?

I will work with you to achieve your goals whether it be improved exercise performance, race day nutrition, increased energy levels, weight loss, or a specific health issue that concerns you. Every initial appointment includes a body composition analysis using a BIA device (bioelectrical impedance analysis).  I sometimes use functional pathology to further understand health issues, this may be hormone testing, food intolerance testing, or other nutritional and metabolic profiles.

I also work with parents looking to improve their children’s nutrition or family eating plans.

I will guide you through the maze of food choices and help you to understand the importance of good nutrition and how it impacts your performance.  I offer practical and achievable recommendations to help you make the transition to whole foods and a healthier lifestyle. 

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