Feedback from UTA clients

1. Thank you so much, It was great to see you there and the nutrition plan worked so well.
I will highly recommend you to anyone in the future and look forward to come and see you again for other events.

2. Thank you I had a fun day out! A massive thank you to you for sorting out my nutrition, I couldn’t have done it without your help.

3. Nutrition was great – thanks for all your help. Cant wait to do a marathon, they’re so easy compared to this !

4. Thank you so very much for all your help to get my food right. It worked really well, only struggled in the last 20kms simply because the course changed so I didn’t have enough in my pack, but up till that point it was the best I’ve ever felt in an ultra.

Hey Tamara , Just wanted to let you know I’ve had some fantastic feedback from my athletes about you. You are really making a massive positive difference in their training and their lives. Great Job ! Coach Joey , Manly Beach Running Club.

I love having you along to speak to our marathoners , ultra runners and triathletes. You really present well – you are so personable and professional and communicate effectively on the athletes level. I’ve seen many presenters over the 10yrs I’ve been with Can Too and it is always a pleasure to welcome you to our pods.

Simone – Captain and Coach , Can Too


I did the Cradle Mountain Run last weekend. Awesome. Brilliant scenery. And the nutrition and water worked out to plan. I ate and drank what you had in the plan and it worked like a treat. I didn’t get sick at all, and was eating quite nicely even towards the end.



Brilliant thanks Tamara

She is so motivated she kept chasing me for the recipes you were sending ☺

We made a throw together bean and tuna salad today for lunch and she was conscious of not eating fruit with the sushi… she listened!

Thanks for all your advice… she is on a good path mentally now she is armed with knowledge